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Our In-Home Care Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of services do you provide?

Handle With Care provides assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) for elderly people or those recovering from illness or injury such as cancer or surgery. Specifically, this includes assistance with bathing, toileting, medication reminders, dressing, meal prep (feeding), exercises, walking/mobility, use of wheel chair or hoyer lift, light housekeeping, laundry, errands, etc.

What is the process to begin service?

Deb or Julie will meet with the client and/or family members either at the client home or in the hospital or rehab facility. We will assess the client’s needs and answer questions. Once a schedule is decided upon, a care plan is written and shared with the caregiver. Our client service manager will accompany the caregiver on the first day and stay during orientation with client.

What type of experience or training do your caregivers have?

All caregivers have in-person interview in our office. References must be from previous clients or family members of clients. Caregivers must undergo a finger print background check and complete the required 8-hour training required by the Illinois Department of Health. Although not required, many of our caregivers are certified nursing assistants.

Do caregivers speak English?

All caregivers must be able to speak and write English and communicate with the office staff and clients. Many have accents however; all must be able to interview with our staff and complete required paperwork.

Are your caregivers US citizens?

Caregivers are required to show proof of citizenship, green card, and/or work visa.

Will I have the same caregiver everyday?

We always strive for consistency in caregiver schedules. Depending on the number of hours, schedule, and type of care, either one or two caregivers is usually assigned as a consistent team to work with our clients. It is our responsibility to ensure coverage and assign fill-in caregivers in the event the primary caregiver is unable to work—the client will never go without care. We have a full time on-call caregiver for last minute situations and many other caregivers to fill in.

What does it mean to be licensed through the Illinois Department of Health?

Handle With Care abides by the regulations set up by the IL Dept. of Health covering requirements such as caregiver training, background checks, supervisory visits, documentation, scope of practice, insurance coverage, etc. We are subject to on-site surveys by the Dept. of Health every few years.

Who will be responsible for paying the caregiver, employment taxes, social security, and Medicare?

Caregivers are Handle With Care employees. We assume all responsibility for paying caregivers and all employment taxes, social security, and Medicare.

Are the caregivers insured while in my home?

Yes, Handle With Care carries general and professional liability insurance. Caregivers are also covered under workers’ compensation insurance and are bonded.

What is the cost? Are there minimum hourly requirements?

There are two types of care. Come & go shifts are charged hourly and the rate depends on the total number of hours per week. The minimum shift is 4 hours. Live-in 24/7 care is charged on a per day basis. Once schedule is determined, we can tell you the exact cost.

Do you care for clients with Alzheimer's/Dementia?

Yes. Caregivers are trained on care and communication with clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Routine, familiarity, and activities are the basis of the care plan.

What kind of supervision will the caregiver have?

Client service representatives are in frequent touch with caregivers once they begin working with a client. Supervisory visits are required every 90 days—however often it is more frequent.

Does insurance cover cost of care?

Medicare and standard medical insurance does not cover the cost of caregiver services. A specific, separate Long Term Care Insurance policy usually does cover the costs. The policies vary in terms of amount of coverage and various requirements.

Why should I hire a caregiver through Handle With Care versus a private duty caregiver?

For many of the reasons stated above such as insurance, supervision, training, and uninterrupted coverage, working with Handle With Care is the best for you and your loved one. In addition, Handle With Care will pay the caregiver and employment taxes so you do not have to file a 1099 and act as the employer.